Birikim Batteries Limited Co. was established in 2005. From this year, with the support of creative, innovative, experienced and well motivated crew, the company has started to grow fastly in the battery sector in Turkey. Recently, Birikim is the largest battery supplier in Turkey. The dynamic and institutional structure of the company makes it unique in the sector because there are no other firms that respond to both consumers and factories' needs at the same time in such a professional way, by using the founders' 22 years of experience in battery sector in Turkey.

Birikim currently provides services for both consumers and producers in terms of all kinds of batteries from zinc to li-polymer, accumulators, charge kits, portable lights and some electronic components such as PCM circuits. In addition to this, Birikim is currently providing group battery manufacturing services and battery import consulting services.

With the support of intstitutional structure, ISO9001 standards, innovative ideas, dynamism and expert staff members, Birikim Batteries Ltd. is the leading firm in terms of the services provided in the sector and product line.

Battery assembling used to be a low quality manufacturing sector for Turkey as it was not a competitive aspect. But for 5 years, with the high standards in manufacturing and technological improvements in our manufacturing plant, Birikim is the leading battery assembling company in Turkey. Moreover, Birikim is the only company which has a quality standard certificate in battery sector in Turkey. Because of our highly motivated and qualified staff within our manufacturing plant, we currently try to increase the quality of our products and decrease the costs for our customers. Testing and reporting are the two crucial things that we do provide to our customers for their satisfaction. Our main goal is to advance the customer satisfaction as much as possible. 

In addition to our wholesales team, Birikim has 4 branches in Istanbul for retail sales, and a large vendor network in all over Turkey. Recently, Birikim has an online sales website just for internal sales as well,
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